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    Kodak 30CL Colour Ink Cartridge ( 8898033 , KO8898033 ) Learn More...
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    Kodak 10 Black and 10 Colour Ink Cartridge Multipack x 2 ( 3947074 ) Learn More...

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    Kodak 10 Black & 10 Colour Ink Cartridges Learn More...

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    Kodak 10XL Black Ink Cartridge ( 3949922 , 2687315 ) Learn More...

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    Kodak 30B Black Ink Cartridge - 3952330 Learn More...

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    Kodak 30XL Black Ink Cartridge - 3952363 Learn More...

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    Kodak 10B Black ink cartridge ( 3949914 ,3947058 ) Learn More...

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    Kodak 10C Colour Ink Cartridge ( 3947066 , 3949930 ) Learn More...

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    Kodak 30 Black & Colour Ink Cartridge Combo Pack ( 8039745 ) Learn More...

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    Kodak 10B Black and 10C Colour Combo Pack Ink (3947058, 394706) Learn More...

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Popularly known as Kodak is actually Eastman Kodak Company, which is an American technology brand that focuses on imaging products, with its historic basis on photography. The brand is headquartered in Rochester, New York, United States and got registered in New Jersey 1901. Although the company was  founded by George Eastman back in 1888.

Kodak started selling consumer inkjet photo printers in collaboration with manufacturer Lexmark in 1999 with the Kodak Personal Picture Maker.

Kodak re-entered the market in February 2007, this time with a new product line of All-In-One (AiO) inkjet printers that makes use of several technologies marketed as Kodacolor Technology. With this launch the brand advertised focusing low price of the ink cartridges rather than for the printers themselves.

Kodak cartridges made a successful entry in the ink market by offering ultimate, photo-like prints. With these ink cartridges you get crispier outlines and brighter colours that too at very reasonable price range. These cartridges offer exceptionally sharp text documents and digital images with a business-like quality.

The vivid and beautiful prints you get from Kodak ink cartridges are long lasting they don't get faded soon. The cartridges are not only popular for printing fabulous photos, but also for their reasonable prices. The Kodak cartridges are perfect for those who are quality conscious and don't want to compromise with a high quality photo print. It is ideal for both office as well as household usage. Kodak ink cartridges are available at both sold in a single colour pack as well as combination packs of black and other colours.

Furthermore, we also offer a pack of Kodak ink cartridges holding both the paper and the ink together, with the paper (comes with an ink-absorbing feature for everlasting documents and photos) matched to the ink volume. It ensures that you get quality prints that worths the cartridge price. With the ink manufactured by Kodak, you can comfortably get the top-quality photos at home or at the office, with a very low cost per print. If you print often, around more than fifteen pages per week, then making use of Kodak ink cartridge could be a great option for you. Installing a Kodak ink cartridge is totally hassle-free.

Kodak ink cartridges are great for both amature as well as professional photographers, as they provide the perfect prints every time.