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  1. Genuine
    Kodak 10 Black and 10 Colour Ink Cartridge is a great combination of saving both money and time on replacements. The Kodak multipack contains 1 x 5 colour Kodak 3947066 and 1 x black Kodak 3947058 ink cartridge.
    • Great combination of saving both money and time on replacements
    • Cost-effective
    • Offer lab-quality, beautiful output
    • Contains black, magenta, cyan, and yellow Learn More...

  2. Genuine

    The Kodak 10b/10c Combo Ink Cartridge can keep your printer running smooth for longer. Do not compromise on quality with other inks.

     Learn More...

  3. Genuine
    Letting you print official documents of an exceptional quality, the No.10 ink cartridge is the perfect alternative for any busy person. Prepared originally, this ink cartridge is cautiously made with quality materials that ensures the No.10 ink cartridge will provide you consistent results.

    10C Learn More...

  4. Genuine

    Check out the Kodak 10XL Black Ink Cartridge, designed to offer you more number of prints than any other competitor.

     Learn More...

  5. Genuine
    10B ink cartridge has been designed intelligently to be handled simply. The kodak 10 ink cartridges can be installed in no time without creating any mess, so you know that replacing the kodak ink 10b is comparatively stress free.

    Easy to install
    Dark colour Learn More...

  6. Genuine

    Kodak 10C ink cartridge includes colour ink that lets you to create a massive amount of extremely vivid, highly detailed colour prints of finer quality. It is excellent for developing colour prints, the 1967082 ink cartridge will make sure that you are always ready to print.

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