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  1. Genuine

    Lexmark 16 Black ink cartridge is very easy to install and use. Lexmark printers use original ink supplies of Lexmark to enhance the printer's functionality. • Very easy to install and use • Printers use original ink supplies of Lexmark to enhance the printer's functionality • Genuine black Lexmark ink cartridge • Resistant to smudge, fade, heat, and water

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  2. Genuine
    The genuine high capacity black Lexmark 3070169 ink ribbon is a great solution for additional savings in the long run.
    • Suits best to Lexmark 2480 ink cartridges, Lexmark 2490 ink cartridges, Lexmark 2580 ink cartridges, and Lexmark 2580+ ink cartridges
    • 8 million characters @ draft 10 pitch Learn More...

  3. Genuine
    Re-inking ribbons are among the highly significant components you will require to prolong printer life.
    • 4 million characters @ draft 10 pitch
    • Eco-friendly design Learn More...

  4. Genuine
    The original high-powered magenta return program Lexmark 100XL ink cartridge works with your inkjet printer to render crisp colour printing.
    • Magenta ink
    • 600 printouts Learn More...

  5. Genuine

    Lexmark has released this new high capacity black Lexmark 100XL ink cartridge in order to bring perfect quality printing to the home or office user. • 510 prints • Black ink

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  6. Genuine
    The original yellow return program Lexmark 100 ink cartridge introduced by Lexmark brings you eye-catching print quality.
    • Yellow ink
    • 200 pages Learn More...

  7. Genuine
    The authentic magenta return program Lexmark 100 ink cartridge offers you the most recent Lexmark print technology in an amazing colour cartridge.
    • Prints up to 170 pages
    • Easy and affordable printing Learn More...

  8. Genuine
    This original 3 colour return program Lexmark 100 ink cartridge multipack by Lexmark to save your money and holds everything you require for stunning full colour printing.
    • Multi-colour
    • Offers around 200 pages per cartridge Learn More...

  9. Genuine
    Keep your printing costs low with the Lexmark No 27 High Resolution colour cartridge light user tri-colour ink.
    • Approx. 140 pages
    • Light User Tri-Colour Learn More...

  10. Genuine
    The Lexmark 18C1524 tri-colour ink offers rich cyan, magenta, and yellow colours to deliver vibrant images and documents.
    • Approx. 185 pages
    • Tri-Colour Learn More...

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Lexmark International, Inc. is an American corporation that is engaged in manufacturing high quality laser printers and ink cartridges. The renowned company has its headquarter in Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States. Lexmark came into existence on March 27, 1991. Its research and development offices are distributed all across the globe. Lexmark has offices all over North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Lexmark cartridges use concentrated ink and less water for sharper texts and intense colours on the plain papers. The high-resolution cartridges have a quick-drying feature for less amount of paper distortion. For heavy printing requirements Lexmark could be the best choice. Whether you have invested in a black & white laser or a colour cartridge, Lexmark toners and cartridges are available at with different buying options and reasonable prices. When the Canon cartridges are used with the Canon printer, they offer the best results. With the latest printing solutions of Lexmark, you can easily replace one colour when required, hence saves you money and reduces the impact on the environment.

Lexmark cartridges offer most reliable, consistent and business quality printouts. These cartridges are manufactured to the highest standards, for delivering the excellent picture quality and long lasting prints. With Lexmark inks and toners you get faster, crisper and sharper prints.

Lexmark delivers exceptionally vibrant prints that are fade resistant, with consistency in all prints, starting from the first to the last page. The printhead in Lexmark cartridges has been engineered to get outstanding reliability and quality. All the genuine ink cartridges from Lexmark are holding a new printhead, works best with your compatible printer. The images printed using the Lexmark cartridges are of superb quality and resilience. These photos are excellent for both professional and personal use.

Lexmark strives to preserve the world's natural resources and protect the environment, making it a better place to live.  

Buy genuine Lexmark colour as well as black & white cartridges from SFL at most competitive prices. We deliver your orders to you in no time, ensuring top quality products that too in safest possible packing.